Achieve higher Google rankings with effective (White-Hat) Link Building

Link Building is a well-established strategy for boosting your website’s visibility on Google and other leading search engines. With over 12 years of experience in search engine optimization, Klein Media places significant emphasis on link building as a critical component of our SEO services. Our SEO experts are committed to delivering high-quality, contextually relevant links, ensuring that your business or organization becomes easily discoverable on popular search engines.


Link building involves the acquisition of high-quality backlinks to your website. This process consists of obtaining external links, with a strong emphasis on relevance. Search engines reward websites that have garnered numerous references from other authoritative websites, ultimately leading to improved search engine rankings. Effective link building is a gradual and meticulous process. If you seek guidance on your link building strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The Link Building process
Our SEO specialists employ up-to-date link building techniques to achieve optimal outcomes. We kick off by conducting a thorough analysis to identify the keywords with the highest potential for success. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to determine which keywords should be prioritized in the link building campaign. If Klein Media didn’t develop your website, we recommend conducting an on-page web scan to ensure that your website is appropriately configured for maximizing the benefits of link building.

Contact us to start optimizing your link building strategy.

Monitoring your Google ranking
Tracking your position on Google is a vital aspect of search engine optimization. At Klein Media, we utilize the SEO Powersuite toolset to monitor the progress of organic growth. Various tools are available across different price ranges. When you subscribe to our monthly link building package, you’ll also receive a comprehensive monthly report summarizing the achieved results.

Is Link Building still effective?
In the past, link building was the primary method for improving your website’s ranking on Google. However, contemporary SEO practices emphasize the significance of high-quality content, a well-structured link system within the website, and a fast-loading, secure website. These factors collectively contribute to higher rankings. Link building remains a pivotal element, provided it is executed with relevance and quality in mind.

Anticipated outcomes from Link Building
The greater the number of high-quality, relevant backlinks pointing to your website, the more favorably search engines will assess your site. Enhanced rankings will result in increased website traffic and, consequently, a greater potential for attracting customers. This ultimately translates into higher revenue.

For maximum effectiveness, link building should complement other essential SEO elements. Klein Media excels in analyzing and recommending the appropriate marketing strategies and tools tailored to your business. We possess the expertise to highlight your organization’s unique selling points online. Feel free to reach out to us for further information on a personalized website analysis.

Outsource your monthly Link Building
To achieve organic growth on Google, we recommend considering a monthly link building package. It’s important to note that our monthly link building packages can be canceled on a monthly basis, providing flexibility to our clients.

Pre-made Link Building packages
Below, you’ll find our selection of three pre-made link building packages. If these standard packages don’t align with your company or organization’s specific needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to explore customized options.

Package 1:

1 custom-written article (400+ words)
Posting of 1 article on relevant channels
5 startpage links
5 manual links (50% NoFollow / 50% DoFollow)
5 social media signals

€ 500
excluding VAT
Per month

Package 2:

2 custom-written articles (400+ words)
Posting of 2 articles on relevant channels
10 startpage links
10 manual links (50% NoFollow / 50% DoFollow)
10 social media signals

€ 750
excluding VAT
Per month

Package 3:

4 custom-written articles (400+ words)
Posting of 4 articles on relevant channels
15 startpage links
15 manual links (50% NoFollow / 50% DoFollow)
20 social media signals

€ 1000
excluding VAT
Per month