Improving your Google visibility with Search Engine Optimization

Websites that secure a place in the top five positions on Google receive a staggering 90% of all clicks within the search results. This striking statistic underscores the critical importance of ensuring your organization’s optimal visibility on Google, a feat that can be achieved through effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Klein Media is your trusted partner in the realm of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A custom-designed, professional website greatly enhances your chances of achieving a higher Google ranking, and Klein Media specializes in crafting such websites, each with a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Our process
We kickstart our SEO journey with a comprehensive analysis. Klein Media takes into account your advertising budget, goals, and aspirations to bring your search engine marketing strategy to life. In the initial briefing and kickoff stages, we focus on addressing essential questions:

  • How does your target audience search for solutions?
  • How can we effectively address these queries and optimize the relevant web pages?

At Klein Media, we commence each project with thorough research into your target audience, encompassing relevant trends and keywords. This detailed research report serves as the foundation for a comprehensive debriefing. During this stage, we craft a personalized search engine optimization strategy that aligns perfectly with your budget and preferences.

Monitoring your Google ranking
Following the briefing and approval, our SEO experts start tracking your website’s performance. Data is the foundation of knowledge, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic decisions for your website’s design. One of the tools our SEO experts rely on for measurement is Google Analytics.

Working on On-Page and Off-Page SEO:
When you invest in a search engine package from Klein Media, you’ll receive a monthly report detailing the achieved results. We execute a blend of On-Page and Off-Page SEO every month to consistently enhance your Google rankings. Continuous monitoring of your ranking is essential to adapt to evolving trends. Klein Media uses the SEO Powersuite toolset to track organic growth, and there’s a wide range of tools available to suit different budgets. Feel free to inquire about the available options.

A high search engine ranking contributes significantly to your company’s reputation. Optimizing your website for search engines strengthens your competitive position. However, this process requires ongoing monitoring and potential updates to your website. The results of SEO efforts usually become noticeable after a few weeks. Regular monitoring and adjustments are key to maintaining a strong presence at the top of Google search results, thereby solidifying your competitive position.

Outsourcing Link Building:

Link building is an integral component of search engine optimization. It involves acquiring links from external web pages to a specific website, with the goal of achieving higher rankings on search engines like Google. Link building is often the most time-consuming and challenging aspect of SEO. Therefore, opting to outsource your link building efforts is a prudent decision. At Klein Media, we collaborate with SEO experts who possess over a decade of experience across various industries, including E-commerce, Food, Insurance, Startups, SMEs, and Multinationals.

Fun fact: boasts over 165,000,000 links referring to it. Source:

SEO Web Content:
Text is essential for proper indexing of your website by Google. Search engine-optimized content leads to higher rankings on Google. SEO web content is meticulously crafted based on research and key principles that facilitate easier crawling by search engines. Klein Media offers professional SEO web content services at attractive rates.

Fun Fact: Web pages in Google’s top five positions typically contain 400+ words. Source:

SEO WordPress:
If your website is built on WordPress, it’s crucial to employ the right tools and settings to achieve higher Google rankings. Thankfully, WordPress offers ready-made plugins to assist with this task. Klein Media is proficient in using plugins like Yoast SEO or RankMath SEO, which greatly simplify the process of optimizing WordPress websites for search engines.

Leuk feitje: Fun Fact: Yoast SEO is a source of pride for the Netherlands. Joost de Valk founded Yoast in 2006. Source: Yoast

Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing encompasses the optimization of both paid and organic search results in search engines. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is commonly used to refer to organic optimization efforts, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) pertains to paid advertising on search engines. If you’re seeking short-term results, starting with SEA can be beneficial. However, for long-term investment, SEO is of paramount importance. We highly recommend both approaches!

Fun Fact: In 2019, Google AdWords generated revenue exceeding €180,000,000,000, an astounding 12-figure sum. Source: Forbes

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