Product and business validation

You’ve conceptualized a fantastic idea, poured countless hours and significant resources into product development, website creation, branding, marketing, video production, and photography—a complete package. Yet, somehow, it fails to strike a chord with the intended audience. What misstep led to this? Was it in the functionality, design, user experience (UX), communication, or marketing efforts?

Product and business validation

There are strategic approaches to validate your concept. At Klein Media, we’re eager to collaborate with you in this validation process, providing a clear assessment of its potential for success. When your idea gains traction, we’re also here to support your organization in building a solid customer base, helping you secure your first 100 customers.

Lean Startup

Klein Media applies the Lean Startup methodology. Instead of offering an immediate solution, we delve into your customer’s pain points. This approach allows us to swiftly understand how your ideas or products resonate within specific target audiences. We identify your target demographic, develop a framework based on your concepts, and employ diverse online channels for quantitative and qualitative research. This process leads to data-driven validations, ensuring the viability of your project.

Rapid design

  • In a single day, we establish your brand, including your product, logo, ad sets, and social media channels.
  • In just three days, we craft a measurable web page showcasing your unique value proposition.
  • We utilize experiment design to direct the target audience to the web page.
  • In just one week, the first potential customers will start arriving via online channels.

Experiment Design

We leverage online channels such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Ads to convey the value proposition, identify pain points, and highlight gains to our target audiences, whom we believe resonate with the proposition. Throughout this process, we employ various methods, including online surveys and fake-door tests, to gain insights into the target audience, measure traction, and, ultimately, drive conversions.

A no-code Website

In just one week, we create a professional website that showcases your proposition. This web page may include a sign-up page for early access to the product or a survey where the target audience can provide valuable feedback. The website functions as a data-driven experiment, carefully tracked using various tools. By closely monitoring the target audience’s response to the proposition, we quickly gather insights, adapt, and even acquire customers before your product or service officially launches.

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De website fungeert als data gedreven experiment en wordt volledig uitgemeten. We maken gebruik van diverse tools om in kaart te brengen hoe de doelgroep reageert op de propositie. Op deze manier leren en adapteren we snel en trekken we zelfs al klanten aan, voordat je product of dienst in de markt staat.

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