Klein Media: Amsterdam's premier web design agency

As the leading web design agency in Amsterdam, Klein Media specializes in crafting exceptional websites on WordPress.

We harness the power of WordPress, the world’s most widely used CMS system, to create custom websites efficiently and effectively. Our approach is data-driven, ensuring outstanding results in collaboration with our clients.


Professional web design

A professional website is characterized by its seamless functionality, swift loading times, and robust security – qualities that Klein Media prioritizes. Our specialty lies in crafting distinctive, tailor-made websites that exude professionalism. Through customization, we accentuate the unique value of your product or service.

A Klein Media-designed website harmonizes with your brand, ensuring intuitive user experience and a strong focus on conversion. Professionalism transcends mere text, colors, and images adjustments. We’re enthusiastic about exploring how your organization can make its best online impression.

Did you know? A Stanford University study found that 75% of internet users form judgments based on a website’s appearance. Source: Stanford University

Custom WordPress website

With over twelve years of dedicated experience, Klein Media stands as a specialist in crafting custom WordPress websites. Our commitment to excellence drives us to exclusively create unique, tailored WordPress websites built from the ground up.

Opting for a custom WordPress website ensures enhanced safety, swifter loading times, and greater scalability. What’s more, it secures a higher position on Google compared to pre-existing WordPress themes.

Did you know? WordPress powers nearly 40% of all websites worldwide.

Responsive web design

A responsive website is one that seamlessly adapts to the screen resolution of any device – be it a computer, tablet, smartphone, or even a Smart TV. This adaptability ensures a smooth and issue-free user experience.

Websites that fail to adjust to varying screen resolutions often experience higher bounce rates. The bounce rate signifies the percentage of visitors who did not engage or click through on the website. This could potentially lead to a loss of valuable customers.

At Klein Media, every website we deliver is equipped with a responsive design, guaranteeing optimal performance across all platforms.

Fun Fact: Google frequently prioritizes responsive websites in its search result rankings.

Web design & SEO

While a beautifully designed website offers aesthetic appeal, trustworthiness, and professionalism, it doesn’t necessarily enhance your visibility on Google. At Klein Media, we focus on delivering quality that is evident in our meticulous approach and coding.

Each website we create is fundamentally optimized for search engines. We consider every aspect that influences a higher ranking, including a clear navigation structure, readability, and speed.

Fun Fact: The top 5 listings on Google secure a whopping 90% of all clicks within the search results.

Data-Driven websites with Google Analytics

A data-driven website commences with precise tracking of visitors, their interactions, and critical actions they perform on your site. Gathering data is just the beginning. To transform data into insights and actionable points, you need an expert. At Klein Media, we guide and support our clients in making informed decisions.

Websites evolve, and with a data-driven approach, you enhance the likelihood of consistently implementing forward-looking adjustments and enhancements.

Fun Fact: Google Analytics has been a staple since 1995.

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