BCH DEVCON Hackathon Amsterdam 2018 (Aftemovie) | BTC.com

Project Omschrijving

What a great time to be alive: Watch the best moments of the BCH DEVCON Amsterdam hackathon & comment if you see yourself! BCH DEVCON Amsterdam, Europe’s first Bitcoin Cash Hackathon took place on 27 – 28 October 2018. Passionate developers, entrepreneurs and creatives joined the hackathon, building the blockchain-economy of the future together during an epic, 32 hour hackathon! The hackathon was organized by BTC.com. BTC.com offers the world’s most popular digital platform for cryptocurrency mining, transactions and development. The BTC.com wallet introduced more than 1 million people to the world of cryptocurrencies. Together with one of the most popular block explorers and the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world, BTC.com plays a key role in driving and maintaining Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem.

Project details

Toegevoegd 10 november 2018
Technieken Camera, Montage, Color Grading
Client BTC.com